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Aysgarth to Leyburn – 17 March 2018

After cancelling the walk of two weeks ago we have decided that we would just keep to the 2018 walk programme and stay with this visit to the Yorkshire Dales. The only thing we have changed from the original programme is the walk direction because we were originally going from Leyburn to Aysgarth.

The main reason we cancelled the walk was the amount of snow that had fallen prior to our going out. However, if you take a look at the weather chart below you will see that some snow is forecast for this weekend so we might still be walking in winter weather.

We are planning to put four walks on with three of them starting from just outside the village of Aysgarth on the A684 road. The 8.5-mile walk heads east following the River Ure as far as Wensley before heading northeast to Leyburn.  The 10-mile route goes south towards West Burton before heading around t0 West Witton then across the River Ure via Lords Bridge and coming into Leyburn by way of Wensley. The 10.5-mile route heads north towards Carperby and then Castel Bolton and comes into Leyburn via Preston-under-Scar and Leyburn Shawl.

The shortest walk at 6.5-miles is going to get off the coach as we pass through Leyburn on the way down to Aysgarth. This route will do a circular out as far as Preston-under-Scar before dropping south to Bolton Hall and then east towards Wensley before heading back into Leyburn

Provided that the weather is reasonable on the day then all four routes could have some great views with perhaps a scattering of snow covering the countryside. The image for this post was not taken in the Yorkshire Dales but on the side of Calf Crag in the Howgills. It was taken on the 22nd March 2014 and we had just climbed up through an unexpected snow blizzard but we ended the day with perfect sunshine which only shows that some of our best walks are done on days which do not look so good. If you fancy taking a chance with the weather and joining us for a walk you can find the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

Leyburn Weather

Walk No. 6 Aysgarth to Leyburn 17 March 2018
Area: Yorkshire Dales Map: OL 30
6.5 miles Moderate
Start: Leyburn
Leyburn Shawl – Tullis Cote – Preston-under-Scar – Stoneham Cottage – Bolton Hall – Wensley – East on footpath to Low Wood Lane – Leyburn
8.5 miles Moderate
Start: Aysgarth
Middle Force – Lower Force – Hestholme Bridge – Adam Bottoms – Middle Wood – Batt Island – Lords Bridge – Scaw Bottom – Wensley Bridge – Wensley – Lower Wood Lane – Leyburn
10 miles Moderate
Start: Aysgarth
Eshington Lane – Burton Bridge – Morpeth Gate – Morpeth Wood – Spring Bank – Scot Gate – West Witton – Capple Bank – Bay Bolton Avenue – Lords Bridge – Bolton Hall – Wensley – Lower Wood Lane – Leyburn
10.5 miles Moderate
Start: Aysgarth
Yore Bridge – Bear Park – Low Lane – Carperby – Permissive Path to Low Gate – Intake Plantation – Castle Bolton – East Lane – Scarlet Wood – Preston Spring – Preston-under-Scar – Lady Algitha’s Cave – Leyburn Shawl – Leyburn
Pub: The Golden Lion Telephone: 01969 622161