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Colwell to Stamfordham – 6 January 2018

Welcome to the first walk of 2018, another year where we have some great walking areas to visit every fortnight, you can download our walk programme for 2018 from here. We have five visits to the North York Moors lined up, five visits to the Yorkshire Dales and three visits to the Lake District and in amongst those, there are visits to places closer to home. Our first walk for 2018 to Stamfordham is one of those closer visits. Stamfordham is just 11 miles to the west of Newcastle but we are going a bit further west in some cases to get the different routes started.

Our first drop-off is the 12-mile route which is going to get off at Heddon-on-the-Wall which is even closer to Newcastle than Stamfordham. This route is going to go south down towards the River Tyne before coming north again at Wylam, the route crosses the A69 road and the B6318 military road before coming into Stamfordham from the south. The next drop-off is for the 7-mile route along the B6318 road at Halton Shields, this route heads north to Matfen before turning east towards the finish.

We have to go further west and north on the A68 and B6342 roads to drop-off the 10.5-mile route at Colwell. This route will travel east and then south down to Matfen and pick up the 7-mile route into Stamfordham. Finally, the 11-mile route goes a  short distance further along the B6342 road to Little Bavington where it leaves the coach to head roughly southeast to the village of Ingoe before going further south to the finish.

It is quite a large loop to get all the routes of the coach and get them started on their respective walks but at least when we all finish and start for home it will be a quick journey back. The image for this post was taken on our last visit to Stamfordham in November 2014. It was not as wet all the way around one of the routes as the image seems to show and we will do the best not to go that way this time. If you would like to join us for a walk and keep your feet dry, well almost, you can find the walk descriptions here and the GPX routes here.

Stamfordham Weather

Walk No. 1 Colwell to Stamfordham 6 January 2018
Area: Northumberland Map: OL43,Exp 316
7 miles Moderate
Start: Halton Shields Grid Ref NZ017687
Toft Hall – West Clarewood – Matfen – East Matfen – Thornham Hill – Gilchesters – Stamfordham
10.5 miles Moderate
Start: Colwell
Liddle Hall – Hallington New House – West Side – Ryal – Matfen – East Matfen – Thornham Hill – Gilchesters – Stamfordham
11 miles Moderate
Start: Little Bavington Grid Ref NY986785
Bavington Mount – Hallington High Farm – Kirkheaton Gate – Kirkheaton – Ingoe – North Fens – South Fens – Cowstand – Westerheugh – Mainsbank – Stamfordham
12 miles Moderate
Start: Heddon on the Wall
West Acres – Close House – River Tyne Walk – Wylam – Mill Way – Horsley – Harlow Hill – Dodley – East Moorhouses – Butcher Hill – Thornham Hill – Gilcheasters – Stamfordham
Pub: Swinburne Arms Telephone: 01661 886015