Wooler Circulars – 20 July 2019

Well, it was supposed to be another of those circular set of routes starting and finishing at Wooler but in the end, it was easier just to be walking into Wooler. There are only three routes on this occasion, two of them starting from the beginning of the Ingram Valley and the third from the A697 road on the way to Wooler.

The three routes have been taken and adapted from a book called Walks from Wooler. The book was published in 1926 and was written by a doctor called William Ford Robertson. The book was delayed in its publication by the death of the author some three years earlier so was probably written at the beginning of the 1920s.

Although the book’s title suggests that all the walks were from Wooler, rather like our sometimes supposed circulars, many of the walks started from different location within and around the Cheviot Hills. The walks from the Ingram Valley, for example, started by catching the train from Wooler to Hedgley Station and walking into the Ingram Valley via the farm at Brandon. William Ford Robertson wasn’t to know that the Alnwick to Cornhill railway line that included the stations of Wooler and Hedgley became uneconomical to run and closed to passenger train services in September 1930.

Not only does the book contain a variety of walks but it also contains helpful advice to walkers. The following is a suggestion of what walk  leaders might carry to aid the walking party;

the walk leader should obtain for themselves the following items of equipment;
a compass, a sharp penknife, two yards of strong twine, a box of matches, a drinking cup, a clean folded pocket-handkerchief, a few ounces of whiskey, brandy or aromatic spirit of ammonia and of course the walking book.

The book does not offer any help as to what to do with the two yards of strong twine or the clean folded pocket-handkerchief and if the aromatic spirit of ammonia is still available do you drink it or sniff it?

If you fancy coming out as we walk to Wooler you can get in touch from our contact page and you can find the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here. If you want to bring two yards of strong twine that’s entirely up to you.

Always when we go out we are subject to whatever the day’s weather happens to be like. We have been out in all sorts of weather conditions but obviously, we all enjoy those really sunny days. The last walk on the 6 July 2019 when we did the routes from Rosthwaite to Keswick was one of those days and the image for this post was taken on one of the routes around the west side of Derwent Water.

Wooler Weather

Walk No. 15 Wooler Circulars 20 July 2019
Area: Northumberland Map: Exp 338

6.5 miles Moderate
Start: A697 Road Grid Ref NU004253
Coldgate Mill – Happy Valley – Grimping Haugh – Carey Burn Bridge- Carey Burn Footpath – Wooler Common – St Cuthbert’s Way – Waud House – Wooler

10.5 miles Moderate
Start: Ingram Valley Grid Ref NU040171
Brandon – North on Permissive Path – Minor Road leading to Jubilee Wood – Roseden – Ilderton – Permissive Path North West – Minor Road to North Middleton – Minor Road north to footpath – Earle Mill – Wooler Haugh – Wooler

12 miles Moderate
Start: Ingram Valley Grid Ref NU032168
Reaveley Cottage – Reaveley – Reaveleyhill – The Dod – Threestoneburn House – Langlee Crags – Brands Hill – Middleton Old Town – North Middleton – Minor road – Permissive Path – Haugh Head – Permissive Path – West Plantation- Permissive Path North West – Minor road West to Wooler

Pub: The Riverside