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Leyburn to Masham – 12 May 2018

It’s a walk down part of Wensleydale this time around, we were last here in October 2015 and that was the first time we had done the route from Leyburn down to Masham. It was getting into winter on that occasion so the middle of May is going to be completely different in regard to the scenery and hopefully the weather.

The four walks are all heading roughly south-east and keeping to the south of the River Ure once the walks all cross Cover Bridge which oddly enough goes over the River Cover and not the River Ure. After that three of the routes go through Jervaulx Abbey and then split as they make there way down to Masham. The 12.5-mile route starts on the edge of Leyburn and goes further south than the other three routes and comes into Masham on the Ripon Rowel Walk.

There are two 11-mile routes both of which start south of Leyburn, one goes through Middleham and the other goes on the north side of the River Ure until they both come together again to cross the Cover Bridge and then head south to Jervaulx Abbey before they split again to make their own way towards Masham.

The short 7.5-mile route starts at Jervaulx Abbey and heads towards the River Ure which it follows for much of the way to Masham. There is a tea room at the start of this walk which may get used by anyone who goes on this walk.

All of the routes are graded as moderate which means that the routes are not particularly difficult in terms of terrain but they are not going to be completely level all the way to Masham. This makes a change from the last time we were out and finishing at Tebay as the following images show.
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Four good moderate walks to choose from and in a nice part of the Yorkshire Dales, why not spend a Saturday out walking. If you would like to join us for a walk how about getting in touch on the Contact Page. you can find the route descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

Masham Weather

Walk No. 10 Leyburn to Masham 12 May 2018
Area: Yorkshire Dales Map: OL 30, Exp 302

7.5 miles Moderate
Start: A6108 Rad OS Grid Ref SE169857
Jervaulx Hall – Kilgram Lane – Squirrel Bank – Low Ellington – Wind Hills – High Mains Farm – Hempmill Wood – Masham

11 miles Moderate
Start: A6108 Road OS Grid Ref SE117891
Sewage Works – Beggar’s Mouth – Wood Lane – Footpath to Cover Bridge – Fish Pond Plantation – Jervaulx Abbey – Wind Hills – Kilgram Lane – Ramshaw – Hazel Lane – Appletree House – Low Ellington – High Mains Farm – Hempmill Wood – Masham

11 miles Moderate
Start: A6108 Road OS Grid Ref 122884
Oak Wood – Middleham – Straight Lane – Cover Bridge – Fish Pond Plantation – Jervaulx Abbey – Masham Bank – Ellington Firth – High Ellington – High Sutton – Sutton Penn – Low Spelder Banks – Dawson’s Lane – Ripon Rowel Walk – Masham

12.5 miles Moderate
Start: T-Junction A6108 OS Grid Ref 115900
The Cottage – Howe Hills – Middleham Bridge – Gel Pool – Middleham – Straight Lane – Cover Bridge – East Witton – Waterloo Farm – Thirsting Castle Lodge – Hammer Farm – Hammer Road – High Newstead – Hammersdale Farm – Hilltop Farm – Warren House – Crook Lane – Fearby – Ripon Rowel Walk – Masham

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