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Langholm Circulars – 3 August 2019

It’s the only one this year, a trip to the Scottish Borders and on this occasion a visit to Langholm. We do not get into Scotland very often, there was only one visit last year and the last time we were in Langholm was in 2008. Not quite sure why this is because walking in this part of Scotland is really good. Usually, if you spot the word circular in the title for the walks you can be pretty sure that the routes are not going to be circular but this time around all the routes start and finish in Langholm.

If you check the walk routes below you will see that there are four possible routes to choose from, however, due to some of the walk leaders being off with bad knees, it’s an age thing, there are just three walks on offer on Saturday. Definitely taken place are the 9.5-mile and 10-mile routes. A little uncertain is the 6 or 7-mile routes but it will be one or the other. All the routes include a bit of hill walking but that happens to be the nature of the terrain in this part of Scotland.

The 9.5-mile and the 10-mile routes are similar in terms of ascent but the 10-mile includes two climbs. one on the west side of the A7 and one on the east side on the return part of the route. The 9.5-mile has a slow climb as it goes anti-clockwise to the south of Langholm. Both routes meet up at the memorial to a local poet, Hugh MacDiarmid, on a minor road above Langholm and then both routes visit the monument to Major General Sir John Malcolm on Whitta Hill before descending into Langholm.

Do you want to be the only one, remember Highlander? Or, do you want to come on the only walk in Scotland that we are doing this year? You can get in touch with us from our Contact Page and you can download the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

The image for this post was taken on our one and only visit to Scotland in August last year when we walked from Jedburgh to St Boswells. The image was taken as one of the groups reached the top of Eildon Mid Hill which is part of the three Eildon Hills overlooking Melrose.

Langholm Weather

Walk No. 16 Langholm Circulars 3 August 2019
Area: Scottish Borders Map: Exp 323

6 miles Moderate
Start: Langholm
Car Park at Grid Ref NY363849 – Ewes Bridge – Holm Head – North Lodge – Langfauld Wood – Wrae Hass – Potholm Hill – Castle Hill – Pathhead – Ewes Bridge – Langholm

7 miles Moderate
Start: Langholm
Car Park at Grid Ref NY363849 – Bridge on Thomas Telford Road – Left on Elizabeth Street – Right on Caroline Street – Footbridge into Buccleuch Park – Castle Earthworks – Hallcrofts – Becks – Wauchope Bank – Calfield Rigg – Craighope Head – Black Knowe – Mid Hill – Meikleholm Hill – New Langholm – Track and Road to Thomas Telford Bridge – Langholm

9.5 miles Moderate
Start: Langholm Grid Ref: NY364845
West to Footbridge – Easton’s Walk – Skipper’s Bridge – Roundhouse – Long Wood – Broomholmshiels – Cronsbank – Middlemoss – Grid Ref: NY402864 – Memorial – Whita Hill Monument – Whita Road – Langholm

10 miles Moderate
Start: Langholm
Car Park at Grid Ref NY363849 – Ewes Bridge – Pathhead – Castle Hill – Potholm Hill – Wrae Hass – Sunny Brae – Hoghill Farm – Hog Fell – Muckle Knowe – Terrona Hill – Memorial – Whita Hill Monument – Whita Road – Langholm

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