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Skeeby to Richmond –  16 March 2019

If you are wondering about the title of this post, “is it the only one?”  it’s because according to the website Richmond Online there are considered to be 57 places in the world called Richmond, however, Richmond Online has so far only documented 48 of them. The Richmond we are going to has been called Richmond since the year 1071 when the building of the castle commenced. Wouldn’t it be interesting to do a walk into all the places called Richmond in the world, come with us on this one and that’s one off the list straight away.

It’s been less than two years since we were last in Richmond. The last time was in November 2017 and before that, there have been four other times. Strangely, apart from a March visit in 2007, they all seem to have been winter visits. It’s probably because Richmond is on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and we can get to and from the town in reasonable winter daylight hours without going to deep into the rest of the Dales. Our next visit to the Dales after this is in May and winter should be well over by then.

At least Spring is here and the daffodils will be out and probably quite a few lambs as well. So there is plenty to look out for on the four walks on offer this time around. Three of the walks start from Skeeby and initially, they all look like they are going the same way but apart from all going anti-clockwise towards Richmond they break apart quite quickly.

The 12-mile route goes out as far as Ravensworth and then swings round south to come into Richmond via Whitcliffe Scar. The 10-mile route also comes in via Whitcliffe Scar and the 8-mile route comes south-east at the finish to cut through the edge of the old Richmond Racecourse at Low Moor before dropping south into Richmond.

The 11-mile route is also going to go anti-clockwise into Richmond but is starting at the Scotch Corner service station. The route heads over the A1 road at the roundabout and into Sedbury Park before going towards the villages of Gilling West and Whashton. As the route heads south-east it picks up the same paths as the 8-mile route.

Spring is in the air, daffodils on the ground and lambs leaping all over, four really nice walks to choose from and a finish in the great town of Richmond. What more could you ask for? If you want to join us for a walk you can get in touch from our Contact Page and you can find the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

Richmond Weather

Walk No. 24 Skeeby to Richmond 25 November 2017
Area: Yorkshire Dales Map: Exp 304

8 miles Moderate
Start: Skeeby
Low Pastures – Gilling Grange – The Ashes – Stony Kirks – Coalsgarth Gate – Coalsgarth Spring – Low Moor – The Gallowfields Trading Estate – Richmond

10 miles Moderate
Start: Skeeby
Gascoine Farm – Gilling West – Hartforth – Jagger Lane – Stony Kirks – Richmond Out Moor – Whitcliffe Scar – High Leases – Richmond

11 miles Moderate
Start: Scots Corner
Sedbury Park – Gilling West – Waters Lane – Whashton – Sturdy House Farm – Green Lane – Coalsgarth Spring – Low Moor – The Gallowfields Trading Estate – Richmond

12 miles Moderate
Start: Skeeby
Gascoine Farm – Gilling West – Hartforth – Whashton Bridge – Ravensworth – Kirby Hill – Sturdy House Farm – Green Lane – Whitcliffe Scar High Leases – Richmond

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