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Longhorsley to Rothbury – 7 December 2019

Well, we have reached that time of year again where the nights get longer, it gets darker quicker, it gets colder sooner and it gets muddy. So what do we do, we stay indoors I hear you say. Or, we settle for some walks closer to home so here comes Northumberland for the next four times out. These trips to Northumberland take us through to February of next year and if you are wondering about the last walk of this year we have changed it from a finish at Ebchester in Durham to Weldon Bridge in Northumberland.

This time around we are doing Longhorsley to Rothbury which we did last in 2007. Not that we have not been to Rothbury since then but it has been a long time since we walked northeast across the fields to Rothbury. This will be the ninth time we have been to Rothbury. It is not top of the league of places visited but it is definitely in the top ten but we are not there next year.

We have three walks out on Saturday and they all start from Longhorsley. The shortest is 8.5-miles and goes almost directly northeast coming ever closer to the River Coquet until about three miles from Rothbury the route parallels the B6344 road on the northern side of the river. There is a 10.5-mile route that loops out to the south after leaving Longhorsley but at the farm complex called Wingates the route starts to curve back to the east and picks up the last part of the 8.5-mile route. The longer route of 12-miles goes directly west on leaving Longhorsley until it reaches the isolated farm at Blueburn where it starts north towards Lordenshaws and across Garleigh Moor to approach Rothbury from the south.

Your first chance of some walking in Northumberland and your last chance of a visit to Rothbury until perhaps 2021 ? You can get in touch with us from our Contact Page and you can download the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

The image for this post was taken while walking towards Garsdale Head on a particularly wet day in early June of this year. Our last walk to Saltburn on the coast of the North York Moors was also a wet one as you can see on our Gallery page. We are trying very hard to make the last two walks of this year dry and sunny but check the weather for Rothbury on the chart below.

Rothbury Weather

Walk No. 25 Longhorsley to Rothbury 7 December 2019
Area: Northumberland Map: OL42, Exp 325

8.5 miles Moderate
Start A697 Longhorsley
Viewlaw -Todburn East – Burnside – Bushy Gap – East Raw – West Raw – Crag Head – Mill Lane – Rothbury

10.5 miles Moderate
Start A697 Longhorsley
Muckley – High Southward Edge – Wingates – Garrett Lee Cottage – Bushy Gap – East Raw – West Raw – Crag Head – Mill Lane – Rothbury

12 miles Moderate
Start A697 Longhorsley
Viewlaw – Todburn East – Wingates – Birkheadsmoor – Coldrife – Blueburn – Streethouse Plantation – Lordenshaw – Garleigh Moor – Hillhead Road – Whitton – Rothbury

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