Garsdale Head to Kirkby Stephen – 2 September 2017

The second of three trips into Cumbria this year finds us going south to Garsdale Head using the B6259 road and then heading back towards Kirkby Stephen hopefully long before 8.00pm. Why would you want to get back before 8.00pm? Because in local legend if you didn’t there was a good chance that the taggy man might get you. At St Stephen’s Parish Church in Kirkby Stephen, there is a bell that is rung each night at 8.00pm. It is called the Taggy Bell and is rung to sound the curfew and woe betide you if you are found out after that.

Bearing that in mind there are three walks out this time around. They all start south of Kirkby Stephen with the  7 and 10-mile routes keeping mainly to the valley and fairly close to the River Eden. Both these routes pass the ruins of Pendragon Castle where the 7-mile route goes right of the river and the 10-mile route goes to the left. The 12-mile route goes further down the valley and then heads uphill towards Swarth Fell and at the highest point of 708 meters passes over Wild Boar Fell. although there are no tracks or footpaths marked on the maps there is a well-trod path along the tops.

If you would like to join us for this walk you can find the walk descriptions here and the GPX routes here. If you’re being put off because of the taggy man, don’t worry you will be away home long before 8.00pm. Just go to bed with a hot cup of chocolate and you will be fast asleep before the bell rings for curfew.

Kirkby Stephen Weather

Walk No. 18 Garsdale Head to Kirkby Stephen 2 September 2017
Area: Cumbria Map: OL 19
7 miles Moderate
Start: The Thrang (B6259) GR NY783005
Thrang Bridge – Shoregill – Pendragon Castle – Castle Bridge – Southwaite – Carr House – Scotch Well (Spring) – Ridding House – Thringill – Lockthwaith – Frank’s Bridge – Kirkby Stephen
10 miles Moderate
Start: Shaw Paddock (B6259) GR SD785951
Green Bridge – Hellgill Wold – Boogle Green – Thrang Bridge – Deep Gill – Shoregill – Pendragon Castle – Black Hill Hollow – Birkett Bottom – Wharton Hall – Halfpenny House – Stenkrith Bridge – Kirkby Stephen
12 miles Hard (No Tracks on Fell Tops)
Start: B6259 Road GR SD793933
South Lunds Pasture – Fea Fow – Flust Gill – Swarth Fell Pike (651m) – Wild Boar Fell (708m) – Little Fell (559m) – Greenlaw Rigg – Greengate – Bullgill – Halfpenny House – Stenkrith Bridge – Kirkby Stephen
Pub: The Black Bull Hotel Telephone: 017683 71237