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The Last One, Again

Alnmouth to Dunstan - 22 December 2018 Is it the last one again? It's come around so quickly it's hard to believe we are coming up to our 25th walk of the year, our 5th walk was cancelled because of bad weather during the winter months. Over the course of the year, we have managed to get to seven regions…

One or the Other

Ingoe Moor to Meldonpark Corner - 24 November 2018 The pub where we are finishing is called the Dyke Neuk and on old Ordnance Survey maps it was also a place name but some time ago the place became Meldonpark Corner so as it's one or the other or maybe both that's where we are ending up this time around. Our first…

On the Edge

Sweethope Loughs  to Bellingham- 10 November 2018 Take a look at a map of Northumberland and Bellingham is not quite on the western edge of the county but there is only Kielder Forest separating the village from the Scottish border which is not much more than 15 miles away. You might wonder how a village as large as Bellingham might survive but go…
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The Cheviots in Summer

Whittingham to Clennell Hall - 7 July 2018 We go to this area of the Cheviots quite often considering all the different areas we walk in. This will be the sixth time which puts it in the top five locations in Northumberland only superseded by Wooler, Rothbury, Greenhead and Allendale. You can understand how Wooler and Rothbury might be at…
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Hills and Forts

Powburn to Glanton 14 April 2018 After the last two walks being some distance from home, in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District respectively we are closer to home this time around with a walk in Northumberland with possibly a bit better weather as well. We seemed to start the year of so well and then came March and…
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A Heavyweight Puzzle

Bardon Mill to Allendale Town - 17 February 2018 It's four years since we last went this way to Allendale Town and it was just about the same time of year. It was sunny but cold and muddy then and with the weather we have been having lately, it will probably be much the same this time around. Still, this…