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week 16 featured image
Scottish Borders
21st July 2018

Three Eildon Hills

Jedburgh to St Boswells - 4 August 2018 The records for the club indicate that we have never finished at St Boswells before but some of the more long-standing members of the club seem to remember otherwise. What no remembers is that we have never had routes going over all three of the Eildon Hills. We usually use the Eildon…
week 15 featured image
Lake District
10th July 2018

Do We Try Sharp Edge

Keswick Circulars - 21 July 2018 On 2 April 2005 our walks in the Lake District included Scales to Keswick and as it was such a nice day one of the groups decided to climb Blencathra via Sharp Edge. We have never been back there since that day, of course, we have been back to the Lake District many times…
week 14 featured image
4th July 2018

The Cheviots in Summer

Whittingham to Clennell Hall - 7 July 2018 We go to this area of the Cheviots quite often considering all the different areas we walk in. This will be the sixth time which puts it in the top five locations in Northumberland only superseded by Wooler, Rothbury, Greenhead and Allendale. You can understand how Wooler and Rothbury might be at…
week 13 featured image
North Yorkshire Moors
21st June 2018

It’s Never That Long

Lion Inn to Kirkbymoorside - 23 June 2018 The last time in the Yorkshire Dales, this time on the North Yorkshire Moors. While the journey to the start of these routes is perhaps as not as long as a fortnight ago it still seems a long way to get to the Lion Inn. Is that why we have only been…
week 12 featured image
Yorkshire Dales
6th June 2018

A Limestone Ramble

Gargrave to Malham - 9 June 2018 Rambles among the limestone are the order of the day for these walks. There are 4 walks that start on a south to north line with the first one beginning at Gargrave, the second at Airton, then Kirkby Malham and the final and shortest walk beginning in Malham itself. This is one of…
week 11 featured image
North Yorkshire Moors
23rd May 2018

Off and On Again

Castleton to Lealholm - 26 May 2018 This was the walk from week 5 which was planned for the 5th March. It was also the week with the worst weather for many years and we decided to cancel the walk and not go out at all that weekend, it was only the second time we have ever cancelled a walk. Here we are…