Scottish Borders
10th July 2013

The Other Coast to Coast

Innerleithen to Tibbie Shiels Inn - 20 July 2013 A single route this time around with options of a 13, 12 or 11 mile route following the Southern Upland Way (SUW) east to west to Tibbie Shiels Inn. The SUW was opened in 1984 and is Britain's first official coast to coast footpath. It is a 212 mile (341 kilometer)…
Yorkshire Dales
4th July 2013

Trains and Tide Tables

Ribblehead Viaduct to Horton in Ribblesdale - 6 July 2013 Two of the walks will start close to Ribblehead Viaduct which is worth taking a moment to admire, something that those working on it had little time to do. The viaduct forms part of a 73 mile mile (117 kilometers) route which does not seem that far for a railway…
Lake District
17th June 2013

Low Road and High Street

Askham to Patterdale - 22 June 2013 An unusual one this time in that there are only two routes for this day out. For those who have been with the club for a long time and have good memories Askham to Patterdale was on the programme in July 1996. For those with rather shorter memories we last finished in Patterdale…
4th June 2013

Several Nuttalls and a Lost Horse

Ravenstonedale to Tebay - 8 June 2013 What's a Nuttall I hear you ask., well a Nuttall  is a hill  in England and Wales at least 2000 feet high (just over 609 meters), with a drop of 15 meters on all sides. That's a little bit different from a Hewitt which is a hill in England and Wales at least…
North Yorkshire Moors
21st May 2013

Natural Hazards?

Sleights to Lealholm - 25 May 2013 For the attentive among you there has been a sleight, (deliberate error), change to the start location for this walk. Originally the start was going to be the Lion Inn but it was considered there were more varieties of routes available if we moved the start to Sleights. Always looking for points of…
Yorkshire Dales
9th May 2013

Who Took the Lead?

Bolton Abbey to Grassington - 11 May 2013 In days gone by if you were a Roman looking for lead perhaps you might have turned up in the Yorkshire Dales around Grassington. There is evidence of the use of lead in the Dales dating from the time of the Roman Emperor Trajan (117-138 AD) in the form of ‘pigs’ of lead…