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A Medieval Village and the Doomsday Book

South Middleton to Wooler - 2 March 2013 What's the title got to do with our journey into Northumberland this time I hear you ask. Well one of the routes passes right through Middleton Old Town which contain the remains of a true medieval village with documentary evidence going back to 1206 and which has never been excavated. Rather strangely…
Yorkshire Dales

The Two R’s

Reeth to Richmond - 16 February 2013 No not rest and relaxation, that’s for other clubs, this is Reeth to Richmond on the 16th February. If you cannot make it you will miss a good one. These routes were last walked in September 2010 but in the opposite direction, either way there are three good routes here. Did you know that…
North Yorkshire Moors

Walk 3 – Great Ayton to Guisborough

Great Ayton to Guisborough - 2 February 2013 What do pies and Captain Cook have in common? Answer: They can both be found in Great Ayton. Well a statue of Captain Cook can be found, the man himself only went to school there, he lived on Aireyholme Farm about 1.5 miles from Great Ayton. One of the walks will pass…
elsdon to rothbury

Walk 1 – Elsdon to Rothbury

Elsdon to Rothbury - 5 January 2013 If anyone can remember as far back as 2002 you might recall that we walked from Rothbury to Elsdon in February of that year. More recently in 2010 there was a walk from Harwood to Rothbury which was quite close in terms of routes to this one. The village of Elsdon is of…


Welcome to the new look web site, the old one had being going for quite a number of years and was somewhat limited in presentation. So with a lick of paint and a bit of wallpaper, here we are. It may be a bit light on content at the moment but give it a small amount of time and you…

Walk 2 – Blanchland to Corbridge

Blanchland to Corbridge - 19 January 2013 The last time we did this walk was towards the end of 2009 although it was from Corbridge to Blanchland. The clever ones out there might have noticed that this time we are doing it in reverse and we are not walking backwards either. How about this for a little known fact, the…