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Appleby to Orton – 11 May 2019

We last walked along the limestone pavements in September 2015 although that was from Orton to Appleby. The last time we walked from Appleby was in August 2008 and that seems a long time ago. The limestone pavements lie between the villages of Great Asby and Orton with the highest point being called The Knott at 1352 feet (412 meters).

If you change the map below to a Google terrain map by clicking in the box at the top right of the map you will see that the area we will be walking in lies between the M6 Motorway and the A66 Road. The Pennines are off to the north-east, the Lake District is to the south-west and the Howgills are to the South. All of the routes will have views across to all of these locations and provided its a clear day you might also get to see Blackpool Tower provided you are looking in the right direction. Another bonus is that while all the areas around Orton and Great Asby are generally quite busy you will find that there are very few people about in the area above Orton and across the whole of the limestone pavements which makes it a very nice area to be walking in.

Just remember that when you are walking across the limestone pavements that they are really blocks of stone, these blocks are called clints and the gaps between the clints are called grikes. So just remember to walk on the clints and do not fall down the grikes.

If you would like a walk over the clints and grikes you can get in touch via our Contact Page and you can find the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

Orton Weather

Walk No. 10 Appleby to Orton 11 May 2019
Area: Cumbria Map: OL 19

10 miles Moderate
Start: B6260 Road Grid Ref NY682191
Slosh – Dales High Way – Bandley Bridge – Blackenslack Lane – Maulds Meadburn – Flass House – Crosby Ravenensworth – Holme Bridge – Crosby Lodge – Robin Hood’s Grave – Bullflatt – Orton

12 miles Moderate
Start: Appleby
Dales High Way – Bandley Bridge – Hoff – Rutter Mill – Haybanks – Drybeck – Gaythorne Hall – Gaythorne Cottages – Gaythorne Plain – Knott Lane – Bland House – Orton

12 miles Moderate
Start: Appleby
South following the River Eden to Great Ormside – Ormside Mill – Heights – Kellybark Lane – Great Asby- Clockeld – Sunbiggin – Acres – Knott Lane – Bland House – Orton

Pub: The George Hotel Telephone No. 01539 624071