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Kirknewton to Wooler – 18 January 2020

If our first walk of the year two weeks ago was backwards and forwards to Bamburgh then the walk on the 18th January must be that all paths lead to Wooler. This place is the most popular location for us in all of Northumberland, this year will be the eleventh time we have been there. We usually visit every other year but occasionally visit on consecutive years we were there last year for example. We have walked into Wooler from pretty much every direction that has a footpath leading that way with some occasional circular walks.

This particular time two of the routes are heading past Wooler and walking in from the north while a third route goes initially westwards before swinging in from the south.

The first walk coming from the north is an 11-mile route that starts from the B6351 road close to Old Yeavering. This route is going to follow the Hill Fort Trail onto Easter Tor and Wester Tor before descending to Commonburn House and heading east to Wooler.

The second walk coming from the north is the 10-mile route that also starts on the B6351 road but at Westnewton which is just past Kirknewton. This route crosses the College Burn at Hethpool Linn and loops back to Old Yeavering and climbs onto the hill fort at Yeavering Bell. It then follows the Hill Fort Trail east and climbs onto Humbleton Hill before coming into Wooler.

The third walk is 8-miles and starts on the A697 on the way to Wooler and heads west to North Middleton and Happy Valley. It then heads along the Carey Burn from Carey Burn Bridge before swinging south-east across Wooler Common and into Wooler.

There is an interesting choice of routes for our second time out in 2020. If you fancy taking a path to Wooler you can get in touch with us using the Contact Page of our website and you can download the walk descriptions here and the GPX routes here.

The image for this post was taken in July 2015 as one of the groups came down from Humbleton Hill before heading into Wooler.

This is just a reminder but there is a map at the bottom of the page which shows the routes. If you click on the drop-down box at the top right of the map you can change the view of the map. If you click on the small box at the lower left of the map next to the word Google you can open a line graph of the routes shown in their different colours. If you move your cursor along the line chart from left to right you get an indication of the height change for each route. The heights are in feet but ignore the mileage indicator as it shows the total mileage for all routes. Of course, you can always zoom in and out of the map using the + and – buttons at the top left and if you want to centre the map the top left button will do that.

Wooler Weather

Walk No. 2 Kirknewton to Wooler 18 January 2020
Area: Northumberland Map: OL16

8 miles Easy / Moderate
Start A697 Road Grid Ref: NU014241
North Middleton – Happy Valley – Carey Burn Bridge – Carey Burn – Wooler Common – St Cuthbert’s Way – Waud House – Wooler

10 miles Moderate
Start B6351 Westnewton
College Burn – Hethpool Linn – St Cuthbert’s Way – Old Yeavering – Hill Fort Trail to Yeavering Bell – White Law – Gleadscleugh – Humbleton Hill – Humbleton – Highburn House – Wooler

11 miles Moderate / Hard
Start B6351 Road Grid Ref: NT923303
Old Yeavering – St Cuthbert’s Way – Hill Fort Trail to Easter Tor and Wester Tor – East to Commonburn House – East to Brown’s Law – St Cuthbert’s Way – Waud House – Wooler

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