Reeth to Aysgarth Falls – 25 May 2019

A trip to the Yorkshire Dales for this Saturday, the second time in Yorkshire this year but we have not been back to these routes since April 2006. Reeth to Aysgarth Falls involves a bit of up and over for all three routes that are out this time around. The up and over bit is to get over the high ground that overlooks Reeth to the south across the River Swale. Although all the routes come through Aysgarth Falls the actual finish is the pub on the A684 road that is close to the Falls.

All the routes have to go out of Reeth and cross the river on a footbridge to the south-west of Reeth. The longest route is 12-miles and it will head to the west and climb up past Maiden Castle and head further west around Whitaside Moor. The route then goes south-east towards Apedale Head and then it begins its descent along the mine track called Apedale Road to the crossing at Dent’s House and further south to Castle Bolton before cutting back south-west towards Carperby and down to Aysgarth Falls.

The route that takes the middle path is the 9-mile route and that route climbs more or less south over Harkerside Moor reaching its highest point on Greets Hill but also shown on maps as the Height of Greets. From here it is downhill towards the crossing at Dent’ House and south to Castle Bolton. This route then takes a shorter path then the 12-mile route and heads towards High Thoresby and down to Aysgarth Falls.

The 11-mile route heads to the east over Cogden and Grinton Moors and climbs towards the boundary stone called Snowden Man which lies among the disused tips and shafts that seem to be scattered across this area of the moors. From Snowden Man, it is downhill heading roughly south-east towards Redmireand then along Thoresby Lane to merge with the 9-mile route on the last part of the walk.

Meanwhile, while we are all heading uphill, the driver of our coach, who has dropped us off in Reeth has to turn around and take the route back along the B6270 and then south on a long loop on the A684 road past Leyburn and all the way to towards Aysgarth and the pub. However, I am sure he will make it before we do.

There is a little bit of a sting in the tail of all three routes because to get to the pub from Aysgarth Falls there is a little bit of a climb up past the church to the road. But on reaching the road the pub is just around the corner and it will be time for a pint after all the climbing.

The image for this post was taken during a walk the last time we came this way and were passing the disused quarries at Redmire Scar. The images taken by cameras in 2006 had a rather low resolution hence the rather blurred looking picture.

If you fancy joining us for a walk up and over from Reeth to Aysgarth Falls you can get in touch from our contact page. You can also find and download the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

Aysgarth Falls Weather

Walk No. 11Reeth to Aysgarth Falls25 May 2019
Area: Yorkshire DalesMap: OL 30

9 miles Moderate
Start: Reeth
Southwest to Footbridge – Whitebecks – Deer Park – How Hill – Height of Greets – Dent’s Houses – Black Hill – Castle Bolton – Wheeling Bridge – High Thorseby – Hollins House – Aysgarth Falls – A684 Road

11 miles Moderate
Start: Reeth
Southwest to Footbridge – Whitebecks – Grinton – Cogden Moor – Snowden Man – Cranhow Bottom – Redmire Scar – Redmire – Thorseby Lane – Hollins House – Aysgarth Falls – A684 Road

12 miles Moderate
Start: Reeth
Southwest to Footbridge – Harkerside – Maiden Castle – Blue Hill – Green Hill Ends – Morley’s Folly – Apedale Head – Apedale Road – Dent’s Houses – Black Hill – Castle Bolton – West Bolton – Carperby – Yore Bridge – A684 Road

Pub: Aysgarth Falls Hotel Telephone No. 01969 663775