Longframlington to Thropton – 2 March 2019

If you check the map below you might notice that Thropton is a little bit out on a limb. It is quite hard to get to, apart from coming in from the east on the A697 road and then turning off on a choice of two B roads that come into Rothbury that’s about it from that direction. From the west, you might drive along the A696 and turn east at Otterburn but it’s still a good drive from that direction. From the north and south, there are many minor roads but it might take some careful navigation to find your way to Thropton.

What also makes Thropton out on a limb is that there are no major towns apart from Rothbury close by. Draw a line going west and there is not a lot on the map until you reach Moffat in Scotland some 59 miles (95 km) away. Draw another line going north and it passes close to Wooler before getting to Berwick upon Tweed some 32 miles (51 km) away. At least if you come south you get close to Newcastle which is fortunate for this club.

So why would we want to go somewhere that is a little remote? Because Thropton is on the edge of the Northumberland National Park which means the countryside is so scenic and that makes it a great area for walking.

We have three routes all getting off along a section of the A697 road, the 12-mile route gets off at Longhorsley, the 11-mile route gets off at Weldon Bridge and the 10-mile route gets off at Longframlington. The coach then heads a bit further north and comes along the B6341 road to drop off the 7.5-mile route close to Cragside Country Park. Apart from the 12-mile route the other three routes all approach Thropton via Rothbury whereas the 12mile route swings a bit further south.

If you would like to be out on a limb but in some great countryside at the very beginning of March with maybe a lamb or two in the fields how about joining us on one of these walks? You can find out more by using the form on our Contact Page and you can find the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

Thropton Weather

Walk No. 5Longframlington to Thropton2 March 2019
Area: NorthumberlandMap: Exp 325, 332

7.5 miles Moderate
Start: B6341 Road Grid Ref NU066033
Primrose Cottage – Crocky’s Heugh – Chapel Well – Footpath South East to Rothbury – Riverside Walk – Footbridge over River Coquet – Summerville – Footpath North to Thropton

10 Miles Moderate
Start: Longframlington
Hare Cross – Throat Wood – Pauperhaugh – West Raw – Crag Head – Mill Lane – Rothbury – Riverside Walk – Footbridge over River Coquet – Summerville – Footpath North to Thropton

11 Miles Moderate
Start: Weldon Bridge
Brinkheugh – Thornyhaugh – Longhaugh – East Raw – West Raw – Crag Head – Mill Lane – Rothbury – Hillside Road – Addyheugh – Ship Crag – Brae Head – Physic Lane – Thropton

12 Miles Moderate
Start: Longhorsley
Viewlaw – Wingates – Chirm Well Cottage – Quarries (Disused) – Gusset – Lee Siding – Lordenshaw – Minor Road to Spot Height 201 – Newtown – Summerville – Footpath North to Thropton

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