Castleton to Lealholm – 26 May 2018

This was the walk from week 5 which was planned for the 5th March. It was also the week with the worst weather for many years and we decided to cancel the walk and not go out at all that weekend, it was only the second time we have ever cancelled a walk. Here we are coming up for week 11 which was going to be Castleton to Frosterly in Weardale. Some might argue that Weardale is a nice an area to walk in as the North Yorkshire Moors but we decided to bring back the Lealholm walk, so that’s why it is back on again.

We have only been to Lealholm four times before, the last time was in 2013 so it is quite some time since we were last in this particular area. All of the four previous times the routes started from Sleights so coming in from Castleton and Danby will be something new.

We have four routes to choose from this time around. The 12-mile route starts after the steep section of A171 road not long after leaving Guisborough and makes its way across to Danby and Danby Beacon on Beacon Hill before going east and south to Lealholm. The 10-mile route is the second one to start on the road leading down to Castleton and after a short loop into Commondale makes its way towards Danby and Danby Beacon and then follows the same route into Lealholm as the 12-mile route.

The third route to start is the 8-mile route just outside of Castleton. It cuts across Danby Dale and crosses Little Fryup Dale after passing Danby Castle and then heads north over the River Esk and the North York Moors railway line before turning east to Lealholm. Finally, the 11-mile route gets off in Danby and heads south after leaving the Moors Centre. This route goes into Danby Dale and climbs over Danby Rigg to get into Little Fryup Dale and then cuts across Great Fryup Dale. From there it hopefully goes across the River Esk on stepping stones, over the railway line and east to Lealholm.

In the write-up on the two Fryup Dales Wikipedia says that Little Fryup Dale has only eight or nine farms or cottages with the majority of people living in Great Fryup Dale. Even here the population is small with no shops or pub there is only a telephone box, a post box, village hall and an outdoor centre. It does have a cricket pitch but with so few people around it might be difficult to field a team.

The image for this post was taken on the route from Sleights to Lealholm in 2013. The last time we were out we had some great walks and finished in Masham in the Yorkshire Dales. The two images below were taken on that route just to show what great weather we had for a change.

If you would like to join us for a walk how about getting in touch on the Contact Page. you can find the route descriptions here and the GPS routes here. Who knows we might be able to help out with a few players for the cricket team.

Lealholm Weather

Walk No. 11Castleton to Lealholm26 May 2018
Area: North York MoorsMap: OL 27

8 miles Moderate
Start: Minor Road Grid Ref: OS NZ693082
Howe Farm – Footpath South of Ainthorpe – Castle Houses – Castle Lane – Crossley Gate Farm – Forester’s Lodge – Crag Farm – Lawns Farm – Hole-i’-th-Ellers – Elm Ridge – Lealholm

10 miles Moderate
Start: White Cross Grid Ref: OS NZ679107
West on Minor Road – Moor Side – Box Hall – Park Nook – Danby Park – Danby – The Moors Centre – Oakley Side – Oakly Walls Farm – Danby Beacon – Lealholm Moor – Lealholm Side – Lealholm

11 miles Moderate
Start: Danby
Lodge Lane – The Moors Centre – Kadelands House – Footpath South of Ainthorpe – Howe Farm – Brookfield – South on Bridleway – Church – Permissive Path East over Danby Rigg – Stonebeck Gate Farm – NE on Bridleway to Head House – Furnace Farm – Wheat Bank Farm – North and East to Elm Ridge – Lealholm

12 miles Moderate
Start: A171 Road Grid Ref: OS NZ658148
Woodhill Gill Head – Quakers Causeway (Path) – White Cross – Permissive Path East – South on Siss Cross Road (Path) – Danby – Lodge Lane – The Moors Centre – Park Bank – Danby Beacon – Lealholm Moor – Lealholm Side – Lealholm

Pub: Board Inn Telephone: 01947 897279