Powburn to Glanton 14 April 2018

After the last two walks being some distance from home, in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District respectively we are closer to home this time around with a walk in Northumberland with possibly a bit better weather as well. We seemed to start the year of so well and then came March and the walk on the 3rd March cancelled because of snow and ice. There was no way we could take a coach out on that Saturday and the coach company were glad we were not going out. That was only the second time in the clubs history 23 year history that we have cancelled a walk. The second walk of March on the 17th was better but there was still snow and blizzards in the Yorkshire Dales. Finally, the last walk in March on the 31st had us walking in the wind and rain from practically the start to finish. There were low clouds and snow on the Lakeland Hills and all the routes were at low level with the head looking down at the ground because to look up meant a quick face wash in icy rain.

Just to prove that there are good days in the Lakes the images below were taken five years ago when we finished at Hesket Newmarket. Admittedly it was the end of April when we did the walk but if you look at the image for this post it was taken the last time we were at Glanton in February 2015 and the weather looks just as good as the images below.

If you like hills and forts then the four walks that we have planned this time around should be just right. The short walk of 7.5-miles is going from Powburn into the Ingram valley and as far as the village of Ingram before going over the saddle between West Hill and East Hill and heading towards Fawdon and on to Glanton. The 10-mile route is starting just outside Glanton and walking towards Branton and then Ingram before heading up the permissive path towards Wether Hill. Although the route does not actually go over any hill forts it comes within sight of five of them as it cuts between Old Fawdon Hill, Gibb’s Hill and Castle Knowe on the return to Glanton.

The 11.5-mile route is going from Powburn, past Ingram village and then climbs Brough Law to go over the hill fort on the top of Brough Law. The route then picks up a footpath heading south-east and down to another fort before going over Cochrane Pike and past an iron age settlement before picking up the same route as the 10-mile route at Old Fawdon Hill. In total, this route goes over or comes close to eight hill forts or settlements during the walk. The Ingram Valley is one of the best areas in the whole of the Cheviots for Iron Age Forts and there is a well-marked hill fort trail that starts from the car park and toilets just to the west of Ingram.

The 12-mile route has a slightly different approach to the other three routes. The walk starts from the A697 road close to the farm at Thrunton and heads towards Thrunton Woods and along the ridge of Thrunton Crag before heading down to the large tree covered fort on Castle Hill. The route then heads past Callaly Castle which now consists of a number of private residences and continues roughly north before turning east towards Glanton.

As these walks get underway it will be just about the middle of April and Springtime should be definitely in the air. You might not know this but April 14th is Look Up at the Sky Day. We might not have been able to do that on the last walk but with luck, we will have lots of time to do it this time around.

With four walks on offer and a day spent in the Cheviots looking at the great scenery and the sky, you might like to join us for a walk. You can get in touch from our Contact Page and you can find the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

Glanton Weather

Walk No. 8Powburn to Glanton14 April 2018
Area: NorthumberlandMap: Exp 332

7.5 miles Moderate
Start Powburn
Branton – Ingram Mill – Ingram – Permissive Path to Fawdon and Clinch – Footpath NE to Grid Ref NU039152 – Across Field to Grid Ref NU047152 – Branton Middle Steads – Glanton Pyke – Glanton

10 miles Moderate
Start Minor Road Grid Ref NU067152
Hemmel House – Branton – Ingram Mill – Ingram – Permissive Path to Weather Hill – Bowl Holes – Stones – Castle Knowe – Footpath NE to Grid Ref NU039152 – Across Field to Grid Ref NU047152 – Branton Middle Steads – Glanton Pyke – Glanton

11.5 miles Moderate
Start Powburn
Branton – Ingram Mill – Ingram – Brough Law – Cochrane Pike – Bowl Holes – Stones – Castle Knowe – Footpath NE to Grid Ref NU039152 – Across Field to Grid Ref NU047152 – Branton Middle Steads – Glanton Pyke – Glanton

12 miles Moderate
Start A697 Road GR NU092110
Thrunton – Wedderburn’s Hole – Thrunton Crag – Callaly Crag – Macartney’s Cave – Castle Hill – Callaly – Cabin Wood – Eslington Lowhill – Mountain – Mile Moor – Permissive Path (GR NU035130) – Branton Middle Steads – Glanton Pyke – Glanton

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