Bardon Mill to Allendale Town – 17 February 2018

It’s four years since we last went this way to Allendale Town and it was just about the same time of year. It was sunny but cold and muddy then and with the weather we have been having lately, it will probably be much the same this time around. Still, this is the last walk of February and as the next walk brings us into March and there are snowdrops and daffodils already showing it might not be long before the ground starts to dry out.

Apart from a heavyweight puzzle, there were two other puzzles to solve this time around. The first of these puzzles involved the problem of Allen Banks which due to excessive flooding on two subsequent years after we had last walked through it still remains mostly closed. This puzzle was solved by changing the 10 and 10.5-mile routes starting places around and re-routing the walks to the west of Allen Banks. The second puzzle was that all the routes pick up Isaac’s Tea Trail for the last section of the walks. The section of the Tea Trail close to the B6295 at Thornley Gate has been closed since 2015 after a landslip which meant a long detour on public roads. However,  a new section of footpath has been constructed which was opened in August 2017 and that fortunately solved the second puzzle.

The heavyweight puzzle still has to be solved. As you walk on the east side of the River Allen from Plankey Mill going north you start to enter Allen Banks woods. On the left-hand side of the track, there is a tree that has a number of carved inscriptions, most of them badly carved but one of them stands out and it is shown in this image. Who was E Renwick and in 1947 which heavyweight championship did he or she hold? A search on the internet of heavyweight boxers does not show anyone called E Renwick so what other heavyweight champions were there?

Come and join us for this walk and see how we solved two of the puzzles and definitely come on the walk if you can solve the heavyweight puzzle. You can find the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here. Even if you cannot make the walk but know who E Renwick was you can let us know via our Contact Page.

The image for this post was taken during the last walk to Allendale Town in 2014.

Heavyweight Title

Allendale Town Weather

Walk No. 4Bardon Mill to Allendale Town17 February 2018
Area: NorthumberlandMap: OL 31, 43
10 milesModerate
Start: Bardon Mill
Beltingham – Burn House – Ward Way – Briarwood Banks – Plankey Mill – West Sillywrea – Harsondale – Gingle Pot – Newfield – Bishopside – Oakpool – Kittygreen – Isaac’s Tea Trail – Allendale Town
10.5 milesModerate
Start: A69 Road OS GR NY796648
Ridley Bridge – Beltingham – Burn House – Ward Way – Briarwood Banks – Plankey Mill – Lough Green – East Deanraw – Langley – Nilston Rigg – Catton Beacon – Harlow Hill – Owlet Hall – Riverside walk to Thornley Gate Bridge – Isaac’s Tea Trail – Allendale Town
11 milesModerate
Start: Bardon Mill
Shaws – Wool House – Midgeholm – Kingswood – Kingswood Cluegh – Todd’s Burn – Blueback Bridge – Harlowbank – Hindley Wrea – Hindley Hill – Chapel House – Isaac’s Tea Trail – Allendale Town
Pub: The Kings HeadTelephone: 01434 683681