Chesters to Twice Brewed Inn – 2 February 2019

We did this route in March 2017 and we also did it in January 2011, January 2009, January 2007 and January 2005 so how about a February just for a change. Actually, it’s not that much of a change because its right at the beginning of February, one of these days we are going to do it in the summer months when the sun is shining and we are all wearing shorts. The routes might not change much but the weather might be nicer.

For those unfamiliar with the finish to our routes sometimes we finish in a small village or a town and sometimes we just finish at a pub, well we always finish at a pub but sometimes there is just a pub and this is one of those times where there is nothing there except the Twice Brewed Inn. There are some varied accounts on the Internet about how the name Twice Brewed was acquired but much more interesting is an account by William Hutton who walked the whole length of the wall, starting from Wallsend in 1801. He not only walked the wall but he also walked from his home in Birmingham to the start and then walked home again when he finished. You can find more about William Hutton on this link from Wikipedia and you can read the account of his walk from this link at Wikisource.

William Hutton found his way to the Twice Brewed Inn on Tuesday 24 July 1801 after walking some 14 miles. What follows is his account of what happened when he visited the Inn.

As the evening was approaching, and nature called loudly for support and rest, neither of which could be found among the rocks; I was obliged to retreat into the military road, to the only public house, at three miles distance, known by no other name than that of Twice Brewed.
“Can you favour me with a bed?”
“I cannot tell till the company comes.”
“What, is it club-night?”
“Yes, a club of carriers.”
A pudding was then turned out, about as big as a peck measure; and a piece of beef out of the copper, perhaps equal to half a calf.
“You must be so kind as to indulge me with a bed. I will be satisfied with anything.”
“I cannot, except you will sleep with this man” (pointing to a poor sick traveller who had fallen ill upon the road).
“That will be inconvenient.”
“Will you consent to sleep with this boy?” (about ten,) “Yes.”
Having completed our bargain, and supped, fifteen carriers approached, each with a one-horse cart, and sat down to the pudding and beef, which I soon perceived were not too large. I was the only one admitted; and watched them with attention, being highly diverted. Every piece went down as if there was no barricade in the throat. One of those pieces was more than I have seen eaten at a meal by a moderate person. They convinced me that eating was the “chief end of man.” The tankard too, like a bowl lading water out of the well, was often emptied, often filled.
My landlady, however, swerved from her agreement; for she found me a whole bed to my wish.

I suppose today you might just get a photography club or a choir meeting or even a weight watchers evening in the Twice Brewed but it’s highly unlikely that 15 one-horse carriers are going to turn up and as we are not staying the night it’s unlikely we will we will have to share with poor sick travellers or 10-year-old boys.

If you fancy joining us for a walk along a section of Hadrian’s Wall you may find that a peck measure pudding and half a calf waiting for you in the Inn at the end of the walk but more than likely it will be a packet of crisps or a pickled onion. You can contact us from out find the walk descriptions here and the GPS routes here.

Hadrian’s Wall Weather

Walk No. 3Chesters to Twice Brewed Inn2 February 2019
Area: NorthumberlandMap: OL 43

7.5 miles Moderate
Start: Housesteads Information Centre
Hadrian’s Wall Path – Caw Gap – South on footpath / minor road – Melkridge Tilery – Track to Cranberry Brow until Grid Ref NY740655 – Footpath to North Seatsides – Twice Brewed Inn

10.5 miles Moderate
Start: Housesteads Information Centre
Housesteads Roman Fort – Deafley Rigg – East Crindledykes – Vindolanda – Causeway House – Cranberry Brow – Melkridge Tilery – Moor Cottage – North to Cawfield Crags – Hadrians’s Wall Path – Once Brewed – Twice Brewed Inn

10.5 miles Moderate
Start: Tower Tye Grid Ref NY891709
Hadrian’s Wall Path – Once Brewed – Twice Brewed Inn

12.5 miles Moderate
Start: B6318 Road Brocolitia Roman Fort
Hadrian’s Wall Path – Caw Gap – South on footpath / minor road – Melkridge Tilery – Track to Cranberry Brow until Grid Ref NY740655 – Footpath to North Seatsides – Twice Brewed Inn

Pub – Twice Brewed Inn Telephone No. 01434 344534