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Is it Chop Gate or Chop Yat, You Decide
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Red Kite Ramblers

A walking club based in the  North East of England

a walk to wark

A Walk to Wark

| Northumberland | No Comments
Fourstones to Wark - 14 September 2019 We are off to that oddly named and pronounced place on Saturday. It's a walk to Wark, but the place is sometimes called Walk-on-Tyne to distinguish it from another place in Northumberland close to Coldstream called Wark-on-Tweed. As most people will not be aware that there is a place called Wark-on-Tweed it is…
Just a Few More

Just a Few More

| Lake District | No Comments
Ambleside Circulars - 31 August 2019 How about a quick fact? According to Wikipedia the Lake District National Park gets 16.4 million visitors a year. So our club is just going to add a few more to those numbers in Ambleside on Saturday but it is doubtful that it will make much difference to the crowds going in and out…
Is it Chop Gate or Chop Yat, You Decide

Is it Chop Gate or Chap Yat, You Decide

| North Yorkshire Moors | No Comments
Swainby to Chop Gate - 17 August 2019 We are planning to finish in Chop Gate this time around. There has always been some discussion on how the place should be pronounced, with many people going for the pronunciation Chop Yat. But if you check out the website TeessideLive you will see that the locals actually pronounce it as Chop…

Welcome to the Red Kite Ramblers web site.

We are a walking club located in the North East of England close to Newcastle upon Tyne. We run a walking programme with planned walks every other Saturday throughout the year. You can download the walk programme for 2019 here.

Walking distances are from around 8 miles up to 13 and the areas covered range from Northumbria, the Lake District, the Scottish Borders, the North Yorkshire Moors and Yorkshire Dales. You can get more information about the club on the About Page.

On walk days there are usually 4 planned walks depending on the numbers of walkers out on the day. A coach from a local coach company is used and there are often seats available for individuals who have not pre-booked. You can check the pick-up locations from our Contact Page.

Walks cost £10.00 and membership for the year is £20.00.